Teaching Options

Piano Lessons

The piano is a timeless instrument which can make beautiful music for those who persevere in learning to play it; either on its own, or as part of an ensemble or orchestra.

My students are of different ages and abilities, but we all share a passion for learning and playing the piano.

Keyboard Lessons

Modern keyboards can be immensely rewarding to play, in quite a short period of time. Their variety of “voices”, rhythms and styles, make even a novice sound great within a few months.

Music Theory

Music theory is not just important for playing any musical instrument, but can also provide far greater insight into your practical playing.

It helps you to understand and develop your technique and, believe it or not, music theory can actually be fun too!

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss your individual needs, whether they be to brush up on long-forgotten lessons, or to better prepare for a forthcoming exam, don’t hesitate to get in touch!